Moon Specialized Adjustable Adult Bike Helmet for Road Mountain Unisex CPSC,Black & Blue

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Moon Specialized Adjustable Grownup Bike Helmet for Street Mountain Unisex CPSC,Black & Blue

  • Material: Large grade Expandable Polystyrene (EPS) and Polycarbonate (Pc) Licensed by CE EN1078
  • Visual appeal: Obtaining a common outlook of a model resembling the head of a python and a standard background pattern of snake scales in a uniform transformation
  • Size and Weight: Massive 58cm – 61cm, 22.83″ – 24.02″ possessing a fat of 230g and an adjustable screw to help with a precise match
  • Extra Details: The large density EPS foam makes you feel much more relaxed by creating cushioning result. There are 31 air vents which makes it possible for enhanced air flow making riding cooler and there is an LED lamp at the rear. The Snap-on visor for safety is removable creating the helmet ideal for road and mountain bikes

The Moon helmet is a light-weight and sturdy bike helmet for cycling lovers

who want innovative comfort and fit characteristics at a far more reasonable cost level.

The helmet provides the customized comfort and safety with the Dial Match technique.

This technique enables you to stress the helmet for an actual fit by turning a dial at

the back of the helmet.

Designed to maintain you amazing even in hot weather, the Intercept delivers 21 movement vents to

make certain

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Moon Specialized Adjustable Grownup Bike Helmet for Road Mountain Unisex CPSC,Black & Blue

3 Responses to Moon Specialized Adjustable Adult Bike Helmet for Road Mountain Unisex CPSC,Black & Blue

  1. Jackie Cooper says:
    9 of 10 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Finally a Helmet they Want to wear(Sylish & Light Weight) & Keep on their heads (Comfortable, Cool,& Adjustable for Perfect fit), August 2, 2015
    Jackie Cooper (Northern New York State) –
    (#1 REVIEWER)
    (#1 Hall OF FAME REVIEWER)

    This review is from: Moon Road and Mountain Bike MTB Helmet, Light Weight with High Grade EPS and PC
    Yeah! Finally a helmet that my grandchildren actually want to wear because it is stylish, keep on their heads because it is comfortable, plus it provides the safety features needed to keep them safe as they bicycle, skateboard, roller skate and use the scooters.

    This is a quality made, comfortable helmet that has all of the common essentials you find in most safety helmets plus some uncommon elements that put this helmet at the top of its class for style, safety, and comfort. Light weight (only .93 pounds), uncommonly comfortable because of the ability to get the perfect fit with the adjustable easily turned wheel located at the back of the helmet, and stylish too.

    Tested and certified for use with Bicycles, Skateboards, and Roller Skates

    Make sure the fit is right:

    Measure the circumference of your head or the persons head your are purchasing this for: Using a soft fabric measuring tape with centimeter increments to get the most accurate measurement. Place the tape measure snugly around your head approximately 1 inch above your eyebrows in front, and just above the top of your ears in the back which should also be under the bump at the back of your head.

    This helmet is Youth size Large but can be worn by adults with smaller heads, (it fits me perfectly) and will ony fit heads with a circumference in the range of (58 to 61 CM) Within this range the unique adjustable dial fit that works by turning a small wheel on the back of the helmet instantly and easily provides the perfect fit for Both Your comfort and safety.

    1. EPS Foam lined: Made of good quality, high density EPS (Expanded Polystyrene ) This crushable foam crushes on impact which slows the head more gradually reducing the shock to your head in a crash and the foam does not bounce back causing more injury. The foam thickness is molded and varies from 1/4th inch to 1 ½ inch strategically placed to provide the most protection where it is needed and still provide a comfortable helmet.

    2. The Outside is made of PC Polycarbonate which is UV Resistant Plus provides a stylish looking helmet.

    3. 21 vents provide continuous airflow; this helmet does not hold in heat, it is comfortable even on hot days.

    4. Snap on visor is included that helps shade your face from the sun and branches hitting your face, this visor is for comfort, it does not influence the absorption capacity of the helmet and does not provide protection in a crash, it is optional for your comfort.

    5. Keep this helmet out of direct heat (like sitting inside a car with the sun shining thru the window on a very hot day) and solvents. Both of these can damage the integrity of the helmet.

    6. Polisport guaranties the original purchaser that this product is free of defects for a period of two years from the date of the original purchase. This guarantee does not apply to physical defects caused by incorrect usage, negligence, bad repair, bad adaptation, alterations or uses not for seen by the manufacturer or direct heat or solvents.

    • CPSC Certified: (Consumer Product Safety Commission) This helmet complies with the Consumer Product Safety Act : This standard ensures that bike helmets will adequately protect the head and that chin straps will be strong enough to prevent the helmet from coming off in a crash, collision or fall.

    • Conforms to CE EN1078 Testing and standards for pedal cyclists, and users of skateboards and roller skates: This covers helmet construction including field of vision, shock absorbing properties, retention system properties including chin strap and fastening devices, This standard’s key features are: Test anvils: Flat and curbstone; Drop apparatus: Guided free fall; Impact velocity, energy or drop height flat anvil: 5.42–5.52 m/s; Impact energy criteria: < 250g; Roll-off test: Yes; Retention system strength: Force applied dynamically. ; Helmet supported on head form.

    Received a free sample for evaluation and unbiased review.


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  2. FreeSpirit says:
    3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Slightly lightweight helmet, but price is great, September 14, 2015

    I am an avid cyclist and I have mostly used Giro helmets for the past several years. This is a nicely designed helmet that fits as expected. The visor is a standard removable design. The helmet is adjustable using the standard straps at the back to tighten and loosen it. It is more lightweight compared to Giro, which is good (easier to wear for longer rides), and bad (perhaps not as protective). Design and protection wise, I would rate this 4 stars. However given that this is less than half the price of Giro helmets, glad to give it 5 stars.


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  3. John B. Goode says:
    6 of 8 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    I received this from the manufacturer for review purposes, August 1, 2015
    John B. Goode (Earth) –
    (TOP 100 REVIEWER)

    As a cyclist I’ve owned several helmets over the years and the design of them have gotten better and better. This one is quite nice. It’s lightweight and has a lot of ventilation. It has a small visor in front. I would like to have a company someday develop a larger breakaway or foldup visor that really works. I have a larger than average head and I can size it to fit me well. The sizing wheel and the back works very well. Inside, it’s quite amply padded. The buckles on the side, which are usually a bugbear for me, are easy to adjust and on the whole the helmet is very comfortable and fits well. In shape, it has a little rounder profile than I’m used to so it doesn’t look as sleek as some other ones I have. Overall, this is well made, has no manufacturing flaws that I can see and I would recommend this.


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